Warning: before you use a winstrol-test cycle read this, Using a winstrol and test cycle is common practice to get the best results from this steroid and to avoid some of the natural side effects. winstrol can suppress testosterone production , so the addition of a test supplement makes sense with this cycle.. Pct for test e and winny cycle cycle - elitefitness, I'm running a cycle of test e at 500 mg per week for 12 weeks and winstrol for the first 5 weeks. i'm getting ready to purchase my pct for when my cycle ends but i'm not really sure what i should be using or the dosage at which it should be used and i could really use some help here stats age-22 height-5'10 weight-187 bf-5% lifting-7 years first cycle. Cycle log: tren e / winny /test e cycle - eroids, Switch to test e or test c keep the same dose lower your tren e dose to 400mg per week if it's your first time. trust me i've run tren e twice i know a thing or two and so does fast48 we have talked about cycles for a while now. feel free to add and pm me and i'll talk to ya answer questions and help you set up a solid cycle!.

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Test-e, winstrol stack, help please? - elitefitness.com, Re: test-e, winstrol stack, help please? you would want to run the winnie on the back end of the cycle, and for shorter than 8 weeks. 4 to 5 weeks is usually a good amount of time.. Test e and winstrol cycle - pharma - forums - t nation, Sup fellas, i needed some insight on my first cycle. first of all, i am 23, 6'2, 230lbs, 12% bodyfat, been training for 7 years. i am going to start running test e and winstrol injectable 50mg eod. my plan is going to look like this, please critique. all vitamins, milk thistle, forged liver. Test e and winny stack - anabolicminds.com, Test e and winny stack 250mg/ml test e and 50mg/ml winny stack suggetions? thinking about 500mg of test e a week, and 50mg of winny ed. when should i start the winny and how long? looking to do a 16 week cycle..

Winstrol stacking - steroid .com, Winstrol stacking can be used for athletic and physique enhancing purposes. many females may find a cycle of winstrol and primobolan depot to be useful during their off-season period of growth and if they couple this with human growth hormone you can still fail a test but the detection time of testosterone-suspension and oral winstrol. Test e + winstrol (oral) cycle - steroid and testosterone, Im wondering weather or not to add winstrol into a cycle im planning at the moment. im planning doing 500mg test then adding maybe 20-30 mg of winny for th.